About Us

Network Technology Solutions is a telecommunications construction and infrastructure company, proudly serving their customers for more than 20 years. A leader in the industry, NTS offers full service, top-to-bottom construction for networking infrastructure, design and engineering. The partners have assembled an amazing team of dedicated professionals who strive for an unbeatable customer experience. OurĀ focus on every job is safety, efficiency and above all reliability.

Partner William Stanganelli has worked in the industry for 50+ years and has been employed by many of the telecommunication giants throughout his years. He brings not only a vast knowledge of DC power systems, power plant batteries and telecommunications construction, but also design and innovation. He designed a telecom cabinet still used in the industry today. He was instrumental in constructing an underground Controlled Environment Vault that is still operational today, more than 25 years later.

Partner Charlie Griffith has over 30 years of experience with telecommunications focusing on engineering. His extensive technical knowledge in both fiber optics and low voltage power has enabled Charlie to advise and educate customers in the design, installation and testing phases of projects.

Partner James Valdivia has been involved in the telecommunications business for more than 20 years. His expertise is based in his years of work in DC power, infrastructure builds and telecommunications construction. His hands-on experience coupled with his demanding presence and business skill make him the perfect choice to manage this team.

With such a depth of experience, professionalism and attentiveness to the needs of our customers, NTS is a clear choice to manage all your Network and Telecommunications needs.

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