Recent Projects

Battery Install at 111 8th Avenue

Installation of (2) 48-volt strings of batteries. Assembling and mounting of (2) battery shelving units. Each string that is installed contains (24) 2-volt individual cells and are connected by copper battery bars and have a copper bus installed on the top right battery cell. From this top right cell, we installed 750 MCM power cabling...
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BDFB Job Scope

This job entailed: Mounted/Grounded a new Breaker Distribution Fuse Bay (BDFB), powered up this unit using primary (big gauge) power cabling ran from existing power plant to this new unit. Than ran secondary (small gauge) power cabling to power up a large Cisco chassis at another location in the same data center.
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95 Christopher Columbus Scope

This job entailed: Installation of telecom racks to raised floor environment, furnish/install 19” 400 amp Eltek power plant and used this plant to power fuse panels and Ciena switch equipment in the neighboring racks. Also installed ADC fiber management above and along side racks for fiber cabling.
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60 Hudson Scope

This job entailed: Installation of large fiber cabinet to cement wall, placement of several fiber cables spanning multiple floors and preparation of those cables in the fiber cabinet and other fiber panels, splicing of the cables and testing the cable to make sure for good quality.
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