Residential Solar Installations

Residential Solar Installations
Solar power is the perfect solution for homeowners looking to offset or even eliminate power costs. As solar technology has progressed, systems have become cheaper, more durable, and more efficient. In fact, they are so efficient that some people find they are not only eliminating their utility bill entirely, but selling energy back to their electric company and making a profit. Studies have shown that solar panels can increase your home’s value, as houses with solar systems tend to sell quicker and for a higher price.

Solar panels also are fantastic for the environment. By harnessing solar energy, they provide free and renewable energy for years and reduce your dependence on local utilities or non-renewable energy sources. Solar power is incredibly clean as it creates no waste or emission, so a solar system can greatly reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

At NTS Electrical, we have the expertise and knowledge to find the perfect solar solution for your home. Our team of certified installers is trained with the most recent, top of the line equipment to ensure that your system is installed perfectly and runs smoothly for many years to come. Whether you want to just help offset your energy costs or try to eliminate them entirely, we have the experience to get it done.

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