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The Importance of Battery Backups for Businesses

Businesses need a steady supply of power in order to run properly. Even in off hours, many appliances and machines need to stay on, from the refrigerator in the break room to servers containing important electronic files. When power is lost due a storm, surge or blackout, you risk losing your vital information.

The longer the power is out, the worse it is for your business. According to the National Archives & Records in Washington, 93% of businesses who lost their data center for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within a year, and 50% who lost data in the same time period filed for bankruptcy immediately. So what can you do to prevent this kind of catastrophe?

Add an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS System)

The best way to be fully protected from data loss or an interruption of work is installing an Uninterrupted Power Supply system. A UPS system is comprised of a large battery (or series of batteries) that hold power in reserve and turn on as soon as there is an interruption or loss in power. If normal power has not been returned before the battery power runs out, more can be added to keep the building running or a generator may be put in place.

UPS Systems & Generators.

The ultimate solution in preventing an interruption of power is to have a UPS System in conjunction with a generator installed by a qualified professional. A UPS system kicks in as soon as power is lost and will bridge the gap often found with generators. A generator can supply electricity in the event of a loss of power and keep your business running even if the main grid is down for several days. No Data will be lost due to a storm, surge or blackout and your business will never be interrupted or lose data with these systems in place.

Installing a backup battery system or generator may seem like an expensive undertaking, but the peace of mind they bring is priceless. If properly installed and maintained by a qualified professional, a these systems can guarantee that your business doesn’t miss a beat or lose precious data.

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