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Network Infrastructure & Cabling

From network design to structured cabling, NTS can help engineer, install, and maintain all aspects of your telecommunications systems.  Our project managers are available to help manage the full-spectrum of your business needs including fiber optics and power backups.

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Electrical and Alternative Energy

Today’s businesses require a dependable connection to the internet at all times. There must be fail-safes in place to prevent unforeseen downtime that could cause irreparable damage to your company’s reputation and brand. Our energy solutions, both standard and alternative, provide businesses with the latest and most reliable methods to keep your business working.

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NTS: Who We Are

Our experience and relentless drive towards excellence has afforded NTS a clear advantage over the competition.  Our employees are highly trained and hard-working individuals that accept nothing less than the best.  From our equipment to our top-knotch services, Network Technology Solutions takes pride in meeting the demands of our customers.

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